Interview with Franz Linder - President of Mido Watches

Franz Linder


For the few left that still might be unaware of this unique swiss watch brand: Mido Watches. It's interesting to do a jump back in history back to 1918 where an ingenious Swiss Watchmaker going by the name of Georges Schaeren founded "MIDO G. Schaeren & Co." From the start, the name MIDO was there - from the Spanish phrase «Yo mido» (i.e. «I measure»).

MIDO became synonymous with technical innovation and timeless designs and over 100 years later the WATCHESPEDIA team got an exclusive insight into the MIDO world by actually going on location in today's MIDO Headquarters in Le Locle, Switzerland.

Franz Linder


Since the 1930s, Mido has been renowned for the ultra-high performance of its timepieces' water-resistance system. Dedicated to the undersea landscape, its Ocean Star collection is the most dazzling symbol of this technology.

Ocean Start Burst Special Edition

Seventy-five years after its first Ocean Star, Mido is launching a special edition series in homage to this iconic collection known since the 1940s for its unfailing water-resistance. These two new Ocean Star Tributes are a magnificent contemporary reinterpretation of the diver's watches created in the 1960s.