Interview with Niels Eggerding - Managing Director at Frederique Constant

Niels Eggerding


This year at Baselworld 2019, we were kindly invited by none other than Niels Eggerding, the new Managing Director of Frederique Constant.

In 2014, Niels Eggerding was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Commercial Director of the Frederique constant Group. Under his direction, the Frederique Constant increased its market share globally and successfully built a strong network of 3000 stores worldwide.

In 2018, Niels Eggerding was appointed Managing Director of Frederique Constant SA. He aims to ensure the continuation of the accessible luxury strategy, expand growth via the 2019 extension of the Manufacture in Plan-Les-Ouates Geneva. Moreover, to develop the Frederique Constant brand by using innovative in-house calibers, increasing high-tech smart watch modules and strengthening the Group's presence around the globe for the years to come.

Mr. Eggerding took the time out of his busy schedule and granted us an interview where he talks about the latest novelties released in Baselworld 2019 and the brand new Slimline 50-hours Power Reserve.

Slimline 50-hours Power Reserve