Interview with Sylvain Dolla - CEO of Hamilton Watch

Sylvain Dolla


In today’s world of light-speed communication, one thing prevails and seems to be more popular than ever. Storytelling!

Who better to inspire, thrill and capture our imagination than the craftsmen in Hollywood? Hollywood is and will always be the heart of the movie industry. For over a century now, the endless talents that have performed on the Silver Screen still capture our imagination and dramatise our favourite tales and stories for children and seniors alike.

Even in the fine art of Swiss Watchmaking, the delightful craft of Storytelling is a crucial ingredient for making watches come alive. One brand, in particular, has been mastering this specific skill for more than 80 years.


Hamilton Watch, the most American of watch brands, has a deep and rich history with Hollywood. Since 1932, the Hamilton watch has appeared in over 500 movies; with each timepiece reflecting the brand’s close relationship with Hollywood.

Hamilton Watch boasts an exclusive array of talents, as they have collaborated with the legendary director Stanley Kubrick for whom they created a custom watch and clock for his epic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

Sylvain Dolla

The WATCHESPEDIA team was kindly invited this year by none other than Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton Watch for an exclusive interview at the Hamilton Watch headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. Mr. Dolla has been at the helm of this iconic watch brand since 2011 and shared with us his deep passion and enthusiasm for the brand. Mr. Dolla talked about the brand’s 2019 novelties, the “impact of Digital”, “Key Markets” and also his definition of success.