TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany Knot Collection

TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany Knot Collection

A striking new collection joins Tiffany & Co.'s arsenal of iconic creations: Tiffany Knot. A nod of respect to Tiffany’s hometown, the designs are inspired by an architectural symbol taken from the streets of New York, the chain-link. Transforming the familiar industrial shape into something that is modern and refined, Tiffany injects the energy of its city into its new jewelry collection.

In a city that commands strength of character and an unspoken understanding of one another, New Yorkers are individualists who are also part of something larger together. Mastering the art of ‘making it’ in New York demands a strong sense of self and a certain state of mind. This is the spirit behind Tiffany Knot. It is subversive and audacious, worn as both a statement of rebellion and a talisman of connection: connections with those who ‘know’ and a connection with New York itself.

An interplay of opposites, Tiffany Knot contrasts smooth organic forms with striking jagged angles on bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings. All featuring the signature graphic knot motif, the 18k yellow and rose gold styles and pavé diamond iterations come together with sleek curves of precious metal and pointed edges that add sharp dimensionality.

The collection’s hero piece is a double-wrap choker that is hand set with over 300 diamonds, instilling the design with movement and scale. On bracelets with a double-wrap effect, the 18k gold knot conceals the clasp, making it appear as one continuous, connected design. Tiffany Knot reflects the exacting standards that drive the House’s constant search for innovations in craftsmanship, rigor of form and precision of proportions. Tiffany Knot will be available in January 2022 in Tiffany & Co. stores worldwide.

Tiffany Knot is a tribute to the energy and character of New York. Symbolizing its legendary ability to create connections between people, the chain-link inspired design is subversive, witty and individualistic. The rawest form becomes a provocative design in the hands of one of our master artisans, who spent over 22 hours crafting the Tiffany Knot pavé diamond hinged bracelet. 

The Tiffany Knot bracelet features over 400 diamonds set at precise angles to maximize brilliance. The knot motif conceals the innovative clasp. Contrasting smooth forms and sharp ends, artisans employ both technical know-how and creative ingenuity.