ARAMEDES Announces Its Global Launch At Dubai Watch Week - MECCA Collection


A New Vision Bringing Together Mechanical Watchmaking, Timeless Design and Advanced Technology

The most prestigious mechanical watches come from Switzerland. The smartest ones don’t. And no one has dared to combine the two into something that is both classic and clever – until now.

Based in Zürich, ARAMEDES was created to bring the subtle magic of traditional timepieces into the digital age. The founders have taken on the challenge of creating a thoroughly modern and innovative watch brand, bringing together their complementary skills, shared values and deep experience of both the watch industry and technology.

Taking all the things they love about Swiss watchmaking and advanced technology, they have combined them in an entirely new way – mechanical movements, high tech, and classic design, all intelligently integrated.

At the core of ARAMEDES lies the founders’ conviction that the owner of the watch – the wearer and user – should be at the heart of every idea. Aramedes has successfully translated this principle into classic design, Swiss quality and technical innovation with real-world utility. They do not believe in tech just for the sake of tech; as form follows function, technology follows purpose.

At Dubai Watch Week, ARAMEDES Co-Founder & Chief Emotion Officer (CEO), Tom Morf introduces the brand to the world, along with its first two collections: ZÜRICH, which features three classical mechanisms, and MECCA, their hero product – a line of absolutely innovative timepieces that incorporate functions that support Muslims in observing the key practices of their religion.


The ARAMEDES Mecca Collection comprises four models, all in stainless steel cases (platinum available on request):

Mastertimer Qibla
  • Mastertimer Qibla indicates the direction of Mecca. The pusher at 2 o’clock activates this function in the subdial at 6 o’clock, which complements the classical display of hours, minutes and central seconds. The watch is offered in a choice of two dial colours, silver or fumé.


    • Mastertimer Salah displays the next prayer time in a sub-dial at 9 o’clock as well as the direction of Mecca in a sub-dial at 3 o’clock, and incorporates an alarm that vibrates silently at the appropriate time. The alarm can be activated and deactivated by the pusher at 4 o’clock on the watch case. Fifteen minutes after the current prayer time, the Salah indicator automatically jumps to the next prayer time. The Islamic indications are complemented by a traditional display of hours, minutes and central seconds.

      The Mastertimer Salah is offered in a choice of five dial colours, including a UAE Limited Edition in green with copper subdials.


      • Mastertimer Sawm shows fasting times during Ramadan with a sunrise/sunset indicator at 6 o’clock, supplementing the Qibla and Salah displays and prayer time alarm. These indications are complemented by a traditional display of hours, minutes and central seconds. Mastertimer Sawm is offered in a choice of three dial colours.


        • Mastertimer Salah Tourbillon Automatic offers all of the features of the Mastertimer Salah, with the addition of a flying tourbillon in a titanium cage. The automatic movement features twin barrels and a 22-carat gold rotor, and the watch is offered in a choice of three dial colours.

        With subtle echoes of 1960s and ’70s style, the designs are restrained and timeless, featuring convex box-shaped sapphire crystals, and steel cases with curved lugs and a mix of brushed and polished finishes. Classical fine watchmaking details include sunray-brushed dials and applied hour markers.

        “We love the iconic designs of the past – Eames chairs, Riva boats, the Porsche 911,” says Tom Morf. “Designs like these have become classics for reasons that go far beyond just styling, and we are forever fascinated by them.”

        “We don’t believe in designs that grab attention for their own sake,” he adds. “For us, form always follows function and timeless design is never out of fashion.”