DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D. Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

DC7 Genesis Piece Unique by D. Candaux & Saturno for Only Watch

David Candaux presents together with Mikki Saturno the all-new DC7 Genesis Piece Unique for Only Watch by D.Candaux & Saturno.

The story started by coincidence, when David and Saturno met a while ago and David told Saturno about his work on the new DC7 Genesis. It turned out that without even knowing, both artists had worked in a creation which they both called “Genesis”.

Saturno was inspired from the first part of the Bible; Genesis 3:15: “The seed of the woman”. Whereas David combined three generations of watchmakers craftsmen and poured his soul and creativity into an essential timepiece that is minimalistic in the extreme, DC7 Genesis, “Coming into being something” marking a return to David Candaux´s fundamentals.

The two artists also found out that they were both born in the same year; another coincidence. Was this a sign of Genesis?

Being both born in the same year and having worked without knowing on a same project called Genesis took only a “yes” on deciding to create a very special and unique timepiece for the good cause of Only Watch.

David Candaux and Saturno started to exchange their ideas and knowledge about Genesis. They combined all their knowledge and creativity for this project to create a masterpiece for Only Watch to support the charity auction.

David Candaux

David started to work on the development of the timepiece and Saturno started to design the dial of this incredible and unique masterpiece.