Kross Studio Unveils a New Star Wars TM Inspired Collectible Watch Winder

Kross Studio Unveils a New Star Wars TM Inspired Collectible Watch Winder

Last spring, Kross Studio revolutionized the world of watchmaking by creating the Ultimate Collector's Set dedicated to the Death Star ™, notably including an innovative central tourbillon watch and an authentic Kyber Crystal ™ prop shard featured in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ™. Both timepiece and film prop piece were delivered in a 1.2-meter-long immersive and functional art piece styled as an Imperial kyber crystal container. Now, Kross Studio, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., reveals the next chapter in a Star Wars inspired watch winder.

Having upended the world of watches and clocks with its captivating creations, the Swiss startup breathes new life into the watch winder, looking again to Darth Vader’s commanding presence to inspire the new TIE Advanced x1- themed watch winding sculpture, released in a limited series.

Fully Operational

The studio sets its watch winder apart as a fully operational art object, integrating its winding engine into a solid aluminum sculpture which is directly inspired by the TIE Advanced x1 starfighter, piloted by Lord Darth Vader himself in the film Star Wars: A New Hope™.

The TIE Advanced x1- themed Watch Winder is made of solid black anodized aluminum, fully machined, hand-finished and assembled in-house, attesting to Kross Studio’s superior engineering and manufacturing skills. The sculpture measures 20cm long, 28cm wide, and 17cm high, and weighs a total of 4kg.