ZENITH A Brightly Chromatic Expression

ZENITH A Brightly Chromatic Expression

Light, colour and speed: a brightly chromatic expression of the high-frequency chronograph in the defy 21 chroma

Through the DEFY collection, Zenith’s most innovative and forward-thinking line, the Manufacture has developed a unique expertise when it comes to colours where least expected. Whether its dazzling gem-set pieces, its DEFY 21 Ultra series of highly chromatic movements or even artistic collaborations, the imagination is the only limit when translating high-frequency chronometry into frequencies of light and colour. With the new DEFY 21 Chroma, the Manufacture is once again expressing this notion in its purest and brightest form yet. 

Since white isn’t a colour itself, but a combination of all the colours in the visible light range, it was only natural to craft the DEFY 21 Chroma’s case in white ceramic with an all-over matte finish to provide a perfect contrast and further accentuate the colours within. The sapphire crystal gives way to a refracted rainbow spread evenly across the open dial and movement, with a perfectly transitioning gradient of colours spanning the entire colour spectrum, starting with red at 12 o’clock then shifting through orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and pink in a clockwise manner. The meticulously applied colours on the markers and 1/100 of a second scale extend beyond the dial and out of the case, with the crown’s rubber grip ring as well as the white cordura-effect rubber strap’s stitching following the colour arrangement of the dial. This also extends to the chronograph counter hands, each tipped in a different tone.

Vastly open and allowing a view into the ingenious 1/100th of a second chronograph movement beneath, the dial features raised white chronograph counters matching the case, beneath which the extraordinarily decorated movement shines through. Each bridge is finished in a different metallic colour, again following the gradient of the dial’s markers.

Visible through the sapphire case back, one can admire the singular El Primero 21 automatic high-frequency 1/100th of a second chronograph that’s at the peak of performance and precision, featuring two independent regulating organs and gear trains for the timekeeping and chronograph functions, operating at frequencies of 5Hz (36’000 VpH) and 50Hz (360’000 VpH), respectively.

Limited to 200 pieces and available at Zenith boutiques and authorized retailers around the world, the DEFY 21 Chroma demonstrates the Manufacture’s mastery of the high-frequency automatic 1/100th of a second chronograph, while adding an unprecedented and playfully vibrant palette of colours where least expected for a high-performance chronograph with truly no equal.