Lebru X Silberstein - "KB2" Clock

Lebru X Silberstein -

Philippe Lebru launches a series of unprecedented collaborations beginning with the watch designer Alain Silberstein and the “KB2” clock

Two nonconformist artistic designers with mischievous imaginations

For more than 30 years, Philippe Lebru and Alain Silberstein have been two of the not-to-be-missed figures of French mechanical watchmaking. Philippe, founder and director of the UTINAM Besançon clock manufacture, is an artist and multi-award-winning inventor whose subversive, unbridled creativity brought forth three icons of contemporary pendulum clockmaking: “Hortence”, “Lala” and “Pop Up”. Alain, an internationally renowned watch designer, was one of the founding fathers of nouvelle horlogerie in the ‘80s and ‘90s. His emblematic leading models, such as Krono Bauhaus and his tourbillons, are gaining value among connoisseurs and collectors. The two men met a few years ago at a trade salon in Geneva. They share the same enthusiasm and the same determination to shift the lines, to such a point that the collaboration of these two free-thinkers has become a must.

The project: code name “KB2”

In March 2021, they joined forces to launch the “KB2” clock (short for Kontwaz Bauhaus 2); a fun, refreshing co-creation. Its dial and hands play on primary colours and geometrical shapes, sufficient on their own to assert the inimitable style that brought Alain Silberstein his international success. Inspired by the iconic Pop Up, it is equipped with the famous UTINAM movement designed by Philippe Lebru, who received the Grand Prix at the Lépine competition of Paris, as well as a Gold Medal in clockmaking at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in 2005.