The Hublot Design Prize Shines a Light on Today’s Talents, the Design Stars of Tomorrow

The Hublot Design Prize Shines a Light on Today’s Talents, the Design Stars of Tomorrow

The 6th edition of the Hublot Design Prize is awarded to Mohammed Iman Fayaz for his work Independence of expression & cultural diversity and gender. A name to remember! Design is part of our daily life; it surrounds us and inspires us, asking questions and delivering social and environmental messages. And those who excel in the field can become household names; a promising creative talent can one day soar to be designer with worldwide renown. This is the primary objective of the Hublot Design Prize, to provide a springboard for talented designers.

The “Pierre Keller Award” goes to Eva Feldkamp and Federica Fragapane.

"One day, the name of a designer can become known across the world, and his or her name grows to be associated with iconic objects from our daily life; remarkable, timeless pieces which adorn and inhabit our homes. However, in order to go from the shadows to the limelight in this way – from object to icon, from promise to renown – stimulus is needed, and that is what the Hublot Design Prize provides. For us, the Hublot Design Prize is a reminder of where we have come from, the reasons for our success, and a tribute to the designers and artists with whom we have worked. For a brand, a watch, a creative talent, there is always a key moment, an instant which provides the spark, which changes everything. The Hublot Design Prize is precisely this: a catalyst for talent, an opener of doors. For Hublot, design, and its transmission, is what drives us. The thing that makes sense, the thing which makes us." - Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT CEO

For seven years, Hublot has been supporting, showcasing, guiding and inspiring the designers of the future. The watch brand which has made design the iconic signature of its watches – particularly its Big Bang model – has used innovation and its transmission to drive its success. On 15th October 2021, in London, at the Serpentine Gallery, the 2021 edition of the Hublot Design Prize was awarded to Mohammed Iman Fayaz.

The Hublot Design Prize: overview

Now an unmissable event in the design calendar, the Hublot Design Prize is a platform for artistic expression, a showcase for talent, a launch-pad for careers, between patronage and mentorship. Its principle is simple: an independent panel of four experts in contemporary design from across the world – Marva Griffin Wilshire, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alice Rawsthorn, and the duo behind FormaFantasma – each put forward five candidates to create a longlist of 20 designers, with eight finalists selected in a second round.