Interview with Danny Govberg - CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox

Danny Govberg

During the Dubai Watch Week 2019, the WATCHESPEDIA team had the amazing opportunity to interview Danny Govberg, the CEO and Co-founder of WatchBox.

Danny Govberg is a pioneering force of the contemporary watch industry. His vision and an insatiable passion for watches and technology enabled the evolution of Govberg from a Philadelphia-based retail shop to one of the world’s premier authorized dealers of both new and pre-owned timepieces.

Mr. Govberg recognized years ago that selling new watches was only one way of supporting the life of a watch collector, and set in motion a tech-forward pre-owned strategy that inspired the evolution of WatchBox.

Danny’s approach to luxury retail, coupled with a drive to confront challenge and an appetite for all things watch-related has led to several related ventures and business interests throughout the last 35 years, Danny’s interests and investment in technology are not limited to the watch category; he co-founded BSD Code and Design Academy’s North American division, offering affordable, accessible and applicable technology education for children and adults.

Danny Govberg was a speaker at Dubai Watch Week's Horology Forum:

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