Interview with Mishal Kanoo - Chairman of The Kanoo Group

Mishal Kanoo

During the Dubai Watch Week 2019, the WATCHESPEDIA team had the amazing opportunity to interview Mishal Kangoo, Chairman of The Kanoo Group.

Mr. Mishal Kanoo is one of the most iconic business figures in the Middle East and has a reputation as a futurist and strategist with a strong track record in forecasting economic developments in the region.

As Chairman of KAAF Investments, Mishal Kanoo tries to help people reach their professional dreams. The excitement of helping others achieve their goals, whether big or small, is what drives him. Playing a role in bettering people’s lives is a great instigator for doing what he does. Kanoo has been investing on a personal and company level since 1991.

Full interview with Mishal Kanoo

Mr. Kanoo currently serves as the Chairman of The Kanoo Group, one of the largest, longest-running and independent family-owned groups of companies in the Gulf region. Furthermore, he is a professional and motivational speaker, who writes articles for local and regional media. He is published in business journals on a regular basis and holds chief positions as Chairman/Director of various reputable companies, including AXA Insurance Gulf, Gulf Capital, KHK & Partners Limited, Dalma Capital, and Johnson Arabia LLC.

Over the years, the Kanoo family has always been associated with the progress and development of the entire region combined with a sense of philanthropy.

Mishal Kanoo was a speaker at Dubai Watch Week’s Horology Forum:

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Interviewed by Pascal Grenacher
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