Introducing the OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope

Introducing the OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope

The word Chronoscope blends two traditional Greek expressions. “Chronos” meaning time and “Scope” meaning to observe. The tool typically measures the duration between two points or events. OMEGA’s astonishing new 43 mm Chronoscope performs this function beautifully - and on multiple levels.

For fans of OMEGA’s legendary watch family, there are plenty of unique details to enjoy. Most prominently, captivating dials printed with three timing scales.

Measures speed based on distance.

The Chronoscope can tell you how fast you are going, based on how far you have travelled.
As the scale measures the average travel time between two specific points, it makes no difference whether your journey is in miles or kilometres.

Measures distance based on speed of sound.

With a simple two-step process, OMEGA’s precision tool can tell you exactly how far you are from something that is visible and audible, such as a lightning storm.

Measures a human’s heartbeat.

Too slow, too fast, or just right? Thanks to this 30-pulse-per-minute scale, you can measure your own or someone else’s heartbeat.


Today’s Chronoscope models pay tribute to OMEGA’s past, with dials in the detailed “snail” design that featured on the brand’s chronograph wristwatches from the 1940’s. The 20th century also makes it mark on the leaf-shaped hands of each watch, as well as the “spiral” track pattern that elegantly runs beneath the Arabic numerals on the dial.

The Movement

Visible through the sapphire crystal on the caseback is a manual-winding OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9908 with a beautiful finish. A standout feature is the design of the Chronoscope bridge. Geneva waves in arabesque, that start from the balance wheel instead of the centre of the movement – a first for OMEGA.

To improve the watch’s power reserve, OMEGA has included twin barrels with anti-wear Diamond-Like-Carbon coating. OMEGA’s column wheel mechanism ensures the accurate running of the Chronoscope’s multiple functions.

As a certified Master Chronometer, both the movement and the watch have proven their worth under the toughest conditions, having emerged from the industry’s strictest tests, set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS).