The Masterpiece Gravity – Designed to Enchant

Masterpiece Gravity

Masterpiece is the ultimate expression of Maurice Lacroix ownership. Each curving line and crisp facet is designed to enchant the onlooker.

Maurice Lacroix has repeatedly demonstrated its prowess for design, manifest with the numerous awards it has received over the years. Indeed, Masterpiece has become a byword for thought-provoking design, where colours, depths and textures tastefully coalesce. The Masterpiece Gravity burst onto the watchmaking scene only a few years ago, but it has already become an icon, admired by aesthetes and watch lovers alike. It broke convention by placing the escapement and regulating organ front of house, positioned adjacent the off-centre hour and minutes display.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity

Consistent with its contemporary outlook, Maurice Lacroix has created an additional version of the Masterpiece Gravity, overflowing with modernity. The silver-toned dial sidesteps unnecessary clutter, delivering a clean dial which efficiently imparts time. The refined pairing of silver, dark grey and white tones delivers an abundance of eye-appeal that is clear to see. A contemporary and design watch at the same time.

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Gravity


Now, a new version of the Masterpiece Gravity joins the current collection. Housed in a 43mm stainless steel case, it looks very different from its forebears despite sharing many design elements. Indeed, this latest model looks more contemporary and is best described as fresh-faced.